The Bell Hill Microwave Beacons
70MHz Telemetry Beacon sending PSK31

1296MHz Experimental beacon With I/Q Upconverter and low frequency DDS with quadrature outputs

Details of the GB3SCC Frequency Locking hardware

Using the weak signal WSJT modes on Beacons PIC code, coding details, modulation techniqes, keyer designs

Self Contained Beacon Driver with integral GPS receiver and Fractional-N synthesizer. Includes an optional driver amplifer for V/UHF.

Dual Function 503kHz beacon Runs 24/7 from G4JNT QTH

The Next Generation of Amateur Beacons for the 21st centuary
How we can use modern technology to make beacons more useful, add versatility and ease the approval / licensing issues.
Powerpont presentation, first given at the RSGB HF Convention October 2006 .
Updated for the Flight Refuelling ARS Talk, December 2007

Beacon Timestamp
Adding a timestamp to beacon transmissions to allow automatic QSLing and verification of reception.
Supporting software BCTMSTMP.ZIP

Beacon Keyer Module

The G4JNT Programmable Beacon Keyer

DTMF Remote Controller
DTMF Remote control over a telephone line.
This article was first published in Radio Communication in August 2001

5MHz Beacons
Design and construction of the 5MHz beacons GB3RAL, GB3WES and GB3ORK
This article was first published in Radio Communication June/July 2005

HFBCN02.ASM PIC Code for driving the 5MHz beacons GB3WES and 'ORK
Includes the code for reading NMEA data from various GPS modules.

PCBCN - For controlling a timed personal beacon using a PC. Specifiy the timing repeat interval, offset from the hour in minutes and seconds and the Tx duration in seconds. At the right time, the DTR and RTS lines of the requested COM port will repeatedly activate a beacon transmitter for the duration.
No Bells, No whistles, just a simple timer. Stand-alone executable and VB6 Source code.

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