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FT817 Keypad Controller
Programmed PICs for this project published in October 2014 RadCom are now available.
See The JNT Shop Please note that PCBs are not available for this project

Presentation on Modern Synthesizers given at the RSGB Convention, 12 October 2014

Projects Synthesizers, DDS, LF Tx, Rx, Filters, Converters Logic

UPDATE previous versions of the LMX2541 Fractional-N synth module documentation have an error in the connections for the 12F629 PIC controller. The latest version corrects this.

Beacon Construction Software, Remote Control, Idents, Data Coding, RF Sources
Adding WSJT and PI4 Modes

Frequency Locking and GPS

Software Design Utilities, Spreadsheets, DSP, PIC Source code

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Now visit the SCRBG Website for details of the GB3SC# Bell Hill beacons on 2.3GHz, 3400 MHz, 5.76, 10 and 24GHz