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G4JNT Projects - all things technical - Radio, Electronics, Software

The FRARS 10GHz EME Project The History of The Flight Refuelling ARS Microwave EME system, G4RFR

I run two Chat/User Groups RSGB-Workshop and UK_Microwaves Feel free to join up if that's where your interests lie

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Tutorial on Galois Fields and Binary Polynomials If you're confused by these trying to understand CRCs, Error Correction and coding theory, this might help.

Odds and Ends - snippets, things - - bits and pieces
Including some of my Mother's early memoirs from 1939 to 1957

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Basil Basil - The old Tiel is no more follow the link to his special site and our fond memories.

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Now visit the SCRBG Website for details of the GB3SC# Bell Hill beacons on 2.3GHz, 3400 MHz, 5.76, 10 and 24GHz