Odds and Ends That don't fit into any other category

25 years ago From the Camberley News, 6 April 1984 - Don't do this at home!

First Published Article
A simple article published during my teenage years that had far-reaching consequences even to this day

"My War Years"A short story written by my mother about her evacuation from Coventry during WW2

"Nurse Training" My Mother's tale of her nursing training at the Birmingham General Hospiltal, 1951 - 1957.

Joyriding and misconduct in the 19th Century - ancestral history

Cause and Effect
How a series of small incidents can cascade to a major failure situation
- reports of two major 400kV Supergrid outages within a few days of each other
A follow up report

Creating a Password The pitfalls of latter day password advice

Dilbert - The Knack The making of a Real Engineer

Silence, I keel you! Achmed, the Dead Terrorist

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