PLEASE READ BEFORE Downloading and using any PIC code from this site

All PIC code availalble here has been developed over the last 20 years. I have only ever programmed in pure assembler using the tools from Microchip that have gradually evolved over the two decades of development.

The ONLY tools I use now are :-

-- Assembler -- MPASM (which is a small part of the MPLAB suite).
-- Programmer -- PICKIT2 with its associated support software


If you are unable to assemble any of the .ASM files supplied, then please do not, as your first resort, email me saying you cannot make the code work.

Using MPSAM and the PICKIT2 programmer (and its own support software) the supplied .ASM files WILL assemble.
If you can't make them work, then sort out YOUR assembly tools.
The main problems that people have encountered are :

-- Code written for 16F627 devices won't programme into 16F628 chips.
This is because an integrated assembly / programming suite is used - MPLAB perhaps or some third party PIC supoprt software. Code written for '627 devices will sit quite happily in '628 chips - just leaving half the memory unused.

-- INC files missing.
'PIC' .INC files are included in the assembler suite and sit alongside MPASM. Search the Microchip website and download from there.

-- Code won't assemble on some third part programmer / assembler suite.
Often something to do with configuration setting, fuses or choice of device. You're really on your own there, Sorry folks :-)